Happiness is us (together)–Scrapbook process 99

I’m suffering from a mild case of pneumonia. Not fun at all. So I really had to edit this video hard, to cut away most of the coughing.I still sound like I’m out of breath though, hope I make myself somewhat understandable.

In just a few months, my husband and I have been married 12½ years, which in Denmark is celebrated as a Copper wedding anniversary. I am 2 layouts short of finishing my wedding album. Yeah, I guess I like to take my time ;) Todays layout is meant to be the very past page in that album, where I reflect of what I though marriage would be like 12 years ago, and what it really turned out to be like.

Now I rarely do any kind of product description or links, but this time I’m using these totally cute flaire buttons, with danish text (!). They’re made by Brandt-Lassen design, and you can find her etsy shop right here: https://www.etsy.com/dk-en/shop/brand…Definitely worth it. Awesome customer service to. So definitely recomend her shop.






Music in the end is Dream by Snowflake. You can find it at CCMixter.org.

Thanks for staying with me through my coughing and wheezing. Have a fantastically awesome week, and see you next monday.

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One Response to Happiness is us (together)–Scrapbook process 99

  1. Trine says:

    Skønt layout, og spændende at se din proces med at lave det. Dejligt at se flairbuttons i brug :-)

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